Different steering wheels for your needs

Steering wheels have a lot of significance to define your style. Your personality and style get highlighted in a steering wheel. There are several types of steering wheels available for sale in the market. The classic men prefer a wood steering wheel that is simply amazing to look at and may be good to use. Many standard cars have cheap looking plastic steering wheels. Almost all the cars have a black steering wheel no matter how the interior is dressed up. At one point of time, wood steering wheels were

How to Go Greener with Your Existing Car

Buying a car isn’t as simple as upgrading your software. It is a lifetime investment for many, that might not get a chance t be repeated every new year, when a new model rolls in the ramp. Saying that, it also includes all that advantages that the new car models will offer and having the same brand trim of some previous year model might deprive you of those benefits. This can be anything starting from creature comfort feature to safety standard, from engine upgradation to environmental benefits. But there some

2019 G80: What is Special in This Genesis Model?

The 2019 Genesis G80 as a super luxury sedan struck the perfect balance between performance, luxury, and providing value for money. Genesis as the luxury wing of Hyundai aimed to make this mid-size luxury sedan gain a special place in the market in its segment. Maybe it is for this purpose, luxury came simply as an outcome of the basic quality that is assured in every corner of this 2019 Genesis model. Take the example of the strong engines or the stellar safety features, nothing seems mediocre in it. 2019