Risky Drivers

Risky Drivers And Car Insurance

Many people consider themselves to be good drivers. Those who consider themselves to be good drivers know how to maneuver curvy roads in the mountains and how to navigate icy, snow-covered roads in the middle of a blizzard. Those who consider themselves good drivers can have just as many problems as those who do not. Good drivers can be in accidents and they can receive speeding tickets. Once good drivers begin to build a record, they become “high-risk drivers.” This makes it difficult to find affordable car insurance and it

Car accident insurance

Car Accidents Involving Drivers With the Same Insurance

You are driving down the road when another driver runs a stop sign, hitting into the side of your vehicle. You check to see if the people in the other car okay, then call the police. While exchanging information with the other driver, you find out that they have the same car insurance carrier as you do, leading you to wonder: How do I file a claim if the other driver has the same insurer? Is the process any different than normal? If so, how? Read below to find out the

Auto Insurance Risk

Auto Insurance Risk Selection System

The auto insurance risk selection system is a method where vehicle insurers decide whether or not they will insure an individual and the insurance premium that they will be charging the individual with. Depending on how state jurisdictions implement it, the insurance premium will be determined by the insurance company that must be within the framework of government regulations. It could also be mandated by the government itself. Most of the time, insurers are free to set the price on physical damage coverage than that of the mandatory liability coverage.

Save money

The Proper Way to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Imagine getting ready to leave your house and you open your door and the rain is pouring down. Now you start to frantically look for your umbrella, there it is! You step outside, open your umbrella, and you are now protected from that pouring rain. If it were a bright sunny day with no rain in sight you probably would not even care about where your umbrella is or if you even had one! The same is true about insurance. Until you need it, do you really care about it?

Auto insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance Basics To Consider

Running a service oriented business will most likely require you to use a vehicle in order to complete basic tasks. As your business starts to grow you’ll probably add more vehicles so that others can get basic tasks done, that requires you to have a special insurance policy that will protect them and the vehicles from issues that can occur out on the road. You may not think you need a commercial auto policy because many people around you may use their regular auto insurance instead. Personal policies do not

Car accident

How to Deal With Car Accidents

An accident when driving can occur at any moment. You may assume that because you are a fantastic driver you will not have an accident. Wrong. Even the best driver in the world can be hit by a rogue driver. Not everybody on the road has a licence to drive. Not everyone will be in a fit state to drive. And, worst of all, some people will deliberately cause an accident to claim injury compensation from YOUR insurance. So what is the best way to deal with an accident? 1.