Online Booking Solutions for the MOT Test

Every motor vehicle that is 3 years or older must undergo an annual test, which is called an MOT test (Ministry of Transport), and this test is primarily concerned with aspects that might compromise safety. Prior to booking your car in for its MOT, you are strongly advised to have the following checked by a qualified mechanic.

  • Tyres – The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, and you should also inspect the tyre walls for bulges or tears.
  • Brakes and Steering – The mechanic who issues qualified MOTs in Bristol would put your car on a rolling road to check that the brakes are effective, while also checking the tension on the handbrake.
  • Windscreen, Wipers & Washer – The windscreen should not have chips or cracks, and the wiper blades should be in good working order, and there should be water in the washer bottle (you can will fail if you forget to top up the washer bottle).
  • Bodywork Inspection – The MOT tester will check the bodywork, look for signs of rust, and also any sharp edges that might pose a danger to pedestrians.
  • Lights – A comprehensive check that includes, front & rear lights, rear brake lights, reversing lights and indicators, all of which should work.
  • Seat Belts – These are inspected for wear and tear and also tested that they do, in fact, lock when sudden force is exerted.

If you search online, it is likely that you will be able to book your car in for the MOT test online, which is very convenient, and by checking all of the above, your car should pass with flying colours.

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