Signs that Your Car Needs a Tune Up

Car tune up is a term that instead of creating a sense of emergency, make the car owners feel even more lethargic at times, that in most cases get pushed into the well of procrastination. The reason behind this scenario is valid too. This is because a car tune-up doesn’t define anything in particular but remains ambiguous like a big umbrella term.

But if you ask any auto repair shop, they have their own ways of defining it, and we thought of spreading that knowledge instead of keeping it to ourselves.

What is Meant by Auto Tune Up?

 As per the mechanical experts, a tune up service of a vehicle is usually carried out in two steps. The first one is the process of inspection and the next is the actual tuning up procedures.

The inspection will start with a visual checkup of the engine, the fuel-system and other powertrain components parts to see the current condition of the mechanical part, the fuel filter as well as the fuel pump. It will also cover checking out the spark plugs, the appearance and performance of the transmission, the PCV valve of the engine, the ignition timing, and measuring the levels of engine oil and coolant.

The tuning up procedure will be mainly fixing up the components that were not in perfect order. A car tuning up will ensure that right proportion of air is entering the system, that both the fuel and Spark are working fine, and if they don’t, then they either will repair the damaged parts or replace them.

Signs that Your Car Needs A Tune Up

Nobody will think of undergoing a car tuning service if their car is moving fine. The entire concept of car tune-up arises when something is not feeling right when you drive the car. It could be the lack of eagerness, the delay in response of the major driving inputs, bad fuel economy that was not as declared, or something still severe, like the car not starting at all.

If you are eager to gain back the original health condition of your car, you need to keep an eye on these following signs through which your car might be trying to convey something serious.

Engine lights come on:

If the “check engine “light on the dashboard stays on instead of disappearing after few seconds when you key start the engine, it indicates an issue related to the engine that needs immediate response.


If your car is stopping without your pressing of the brake pedal, and the engine is coming to a halt automatically after you raise it repeatedly, your car needs an immediate check u as well as a tuning.

Brake Issues:

If the brakes are feeling spongy or too hard than usual, it is a red signal for your car, that can’t be risked.


If your car is vibrating when the engine is on, it is an indication of bad health that needs a treatment.

So, whether your car needs an oil change or a full tuning up of its powertrain, the above said signs will convey you the message.

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