Why Is It Important To Have A PUC Certificate

A PUC Certificate, or a Pollution Under Control Certificate, is an official document issued to vehicles that comply with the emission standards predetermined by the government. To obtain a PUC certificate, a vehicle undergoes an evaluation at an authorised PUC centre. Once the vehicle is found to have emission levels within the required range, the PUC certificate is awarded to the vehicle. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1989, it is mandatory for all vehicles to have a valid PUC certificate when the vehicle is plying on the roads. If a vehicle is found to be moving about in absence of a valid PUC certificate, the vehicle owner can be expected to pay the appropriate penalty for the same.

Different vehicle types require different types of Pollution Under Control certificates. This is so because emission levels that are considered safe are different for two wheeler vehicles, three-wheelers, four-wheelers or heavy commercial vehicles. There are two main reasons why it is important to have a Pollution Under Control certificate for your vehicle, whichever class it may belong to. Firstly, having a valid PUC certificate is mandatory by law. As mentioned before, according to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Transport under the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989, a driver must always be in possession of a PUC certificate when the vehicle is on the road. Absence of a valid PUC certificate can lead to an e-challan being issued to you. For new vehicles, a Pollution Under Control certificate is already issued, valid for a time period of one year. Post that, it has to be renewed under the specified guidelines by the government, which marks the validity at 6 months. For different types of vehicles, you need to pay a different amount in order to get a PUC certificate, ranging anywhere from Rs. 60 to Rs.100.

Another reason why it is important to have a valid Pollution Under Control certificate is that it brings the world a step closer to a better environment. We are well aware of the fact that the world is reeling under tremendous pressure, thanks to rising air pollution levels. Countries across the globe are putting pedal to the metal to ensure that harmful emissions in the air are kept in check, and that we can sustain a better quality of air for a longer time. While the government of India has come down hard on industries, which are known to contribute majorly to air pollution, another very significant contributor is the total fleet of motor vehicles in India. As per data, 14% of the total air pollution in India can be attributed to road transportation. Rising air pollution not only destroys the quality of air, it also has adverse effects on the health of people. Hence, in order to curtail the spread of air pollution, the government of India awards a Pollution Under Control certificate to those vehicles that have emission levels within the specified range. In this way, these vehicles have minimal to no contribution to air pollution, and are rendered safe to ply on the roads.

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