How Certified Pre-Owned Cars Differ from Regular Used Cars

If you’ve ever seen the advertisements of Pre-Owned cars and wondered how they are different from the regular used cars, then we have an easy explanation for you. With this you will in fact realize, how the status of a regular used car gets upgraded and certified as a Pre-Owned car, fetching these cars a better selling price as well. 

Blessing of Warranty

Reputed dealerships who sell Chevrolet Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles near Richmond would need to furnish the buyers proper reports of the Vehicle History irrespective of the cars being certified pre-owned, used, or new. So, the condition of the car with proper history of usage and maintenance will help it score better and fetch a full 150 score.

The first criterion that elevates the status of a used car to the certified pre-owned one is its warranty.  Next comes the kind of inspection that will be done on the vehicle, and the result will decide the fate. But the value for certified pre-owned vehicles might vary from one dealership to the other. Usually, there is a Standard of price maintained in the automotive industry for the pre-owned cars and also for the used vehicles. If a car fails to score the full 150-points by the inspectors by a particular dealership it will not be eligible for a dealership warranty, and hence won’t get certified as a pre-owned car. 

Miles Driven and Age of the Vehicle

A car that has already travelled more than 60,000 to 80,000 miles will not qualify for getting Certified as a Pre-Owned vehicle. Then it should not be older than five to seven years. But at times, if a car qualifies for these two conditions, but still the inspectors do not find it worthy of a warranty, it might not be certified as a pre-owned car. However, in this phase, things can differ from one dealership to other.

How does a car qualify for certification?

Whenever a dealership gets a used car either from a trade-in deal or from a lease return, they have to conduct a rigorous inspection program administered by a factory certified mechanic. As we’ve seen at the Richmond CPO Chevrolet Vehicles dealership, if the car can meet all the standards of the CPO of the manufacturer, like having excellent exterior and interior conditions, working sound both mechanically and cosmetically and still have a good fuel economy rate, it will naturally qualify as a CPO vehicle and would be put up for sale at a higher price in comparison to the price it would have asked for as a regular used car. 

So, it is the professional approach of the dealership a used car is taken to that will decide a lot, if it would be accepted as a certified pre-owned car or will be categorized only under the regular lot of used cars. So, if you are planning for a trade-in deal for your used car and want a good price return for the same, you need to take good care of your vehicle and maintain all the records in good shape, take it for the deal before it crosses the age and mileage count, and let it perform flawless under the strict scrutiny of the high-browed inspectors.

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