The Very Real Risks When Buying a Used Car

Let’s face it, buying a used car from a total stranger is a risky thing. There are innovative ways to disguise strange noises coming from the engine, and there are other things that might not be what they seem, such as inferior body repairs, which can be made to look like a professional job.

Reputable Used Car Dealers

With great value Nissan car dealers in Exeter who have a good selection of quality second hand cars, you can purchase with confidence, especially with a solid warranty in your hand. Buying a second-hand car from a private seller leaves you wide open, and most cars are “sold as seen”, which means there is no guarantee that the car will continue to perform as it did when you made the purchase.

Service History

The term “FSH”, or full service history is what you should be looking for when buying a used car, as this is proof that the car has been properly maintained throughout its life. In the absence of a FSH, you are taking a risk, which might be OK if you buy the car from a dealer, who would give you some form of warranty, yet if you are buying from a private seller, a FSH is absolutely essential.

When buying a second-hand car, you should do the following:

  • Test drive the car
  • Check the service history
  • Take a good look under the bonnet (with the engine running)

While there are no guarantees that any used car will not develop a fault, you can reduce the risk of buying a dud if you only buy from a reputable used car dealer.

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