Should You Buy a Car that has Travelled 100000 miles?

If you have decided to buy a used car, then you have taken a different route than those who are shopping for new cars. This is because there are some criteria associated with the purchase of used cars that makes it necessary for every buyer to prepare them well in advance about how to check out these criteria and what are they. One such criterion is the used car been driven more than 100,000 miles. These cars are termed in the industry as high-mileage cars.

But if we observe carefully, the first reason behind forming this concept that a high mileage car isn’t worth buying, is because of the insurance companies who made these rules to create a boundary line of their services. But this has resulted in creating an unnecessary fear among people that buying a used car which has crossed this limit will be more a loss than gain. If you too had this doubt in mind, then here we are to help you with the reasoning process, whether or not you should buy a car that has already travelled 100,000 miles.

The Actual Scenario:

To get in to the bottom of things, we have consulted the experienced sellers of Chevrolet cars at the Chevrolet dealerships serving Saint Maries, who enlightened us with the following facts. They say that it is really unfortunate that many buyers are biased with the 100,000 miles criterion because there are many cars that have crossed 100,000 miles and still have a plenty of life left in them to travel more. At the same time, there are cars as well, who really don’t. so it can be pretty confusing for an individual buyer to know if he should buy such cars or not. Hence the experts share the following tips that will help the buyers reach a conclusion without risking their hard-earned money.

The 100,000 Miles Criterion:

For many cars that are well built and are performance oriented, the “100,000” is just a number for them. Though there is a very subtle line that differentiates cars that are old and reliable from those that can die any day, it is pretty well observed that the latest cars are lasting much longer in time than the earlier ones. So, it is certainly not the 100,000 miles criterion that should be the one and only deciding factor if a used car is worth buying.

Buying High-Mileage Vehicles:

Like any other action, the purchase of a high-mileage vehicle too will have its own sets of pros and cons. While it is a very clever idea to buy a high mileage vehicle because it has already proved its capability of driving more than 100,000 miles without causing any major issues and carry the chances of running it for yet another 100,000 miles in the coming days.

But the caveats lie there, when the seller isn’t transparent in showing the documentations of maintenance work done on the vehicle.

The experts of the Saint Maries Chevrolet dealerships warns the buyers that unless it is known if the car is been sold for the first time, second time or the fifth time, with proper documentation, one should not proceed with the dealing.

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