How Chevrolet Ensures Safety in its Latest Vehicles

Safety on roads depends on the vehicles run by the drivers with a mindful attention. Most of the accidents take place because of a split-second wrong decision of the driver while dealing with a challenge they face on roads. That’s why Chevrolet installs every possible advanced features and technologies, that can help the driver make the right decision at the right time. If something needs to fill a gap, Chevrolet invents one to fill it up as early as possible. Here are the safety features we get to see in most Chevrolet cars as shown by the Concord Chevrolet experts.

Front Pedestrian Braking

It is a system that can detect whenever any pedestrian walks ahead of the said car and henceforth avoids the probability of a  collision even if the driver could not apply the brakes in time. The Front Pedestrian Braking system starts with throwing an alert to the driver about the pedestrian ahead and then automatically applies the brakes on behalf of the driver leaving little scope for human errors to cause harm to human lives. This system works best at night, when visibility is limited by the darkness.

Forward Automatic Braking

The Forward automatic Braking is yet another system that detects as soon as a front-end collision situation becomes imminent especially when the said Chevrolet is following another vehicle. The system again alerts the  driver and start applying the brakes automatically, in case the driver has not already applied them.

Special Camera for Adaptive Cruise Control

This is a feature that uses a forward-looking camera that can enhance the performance of the regular cruise control. The speed of the cruise control through this system gets automatically adapted to maintain the correct distance between two vehicles reducing the need for the driver to apply the brakes frequently and looking for a chance to accelerate at the wrong time.

Rear Vision Camera

A camera is installed at the rear end of the Chevrolet vehicles to let the driver know the scenario behind the car, especially while reversing. This is a feature that provides the driver with the current view of the scene at the backdrop and detect nearby objects that can create an obstacle in the act of maneuvering the car.

Lane Change Alert

Accidents also happen when unexpectedly a driver changes the lane in which he was originally driving.  This feature helps the driver with a higher resolution “bird’s-eye” view of the situation around on the center stack display, helping the driver park easily and avoid any probable crashes during maneuvering the car at a low-speed.

Side Blind Zone Alert,

The side mirrors in the Chevrolet vehicles are capable of alerting the driver about the potential dangers in order to avoid crashing into any moving vehicle that gets detected near the side blind zone at the event of changing a lane or taking a turn.

The Bottom Line

With all these innovative technologies we witnessed in the Concord Chevrolet dealership, that are placed in each of the Chevrolet vehicles, it can be well understood how safety is ensured in each of the latest released models of Chevrolet.

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