How to repair your Daihatsu using a workshop manual

Daihatsu vehicles are well known as very simple to work on low cost cars worldwide, the brand is always producing new models yearly and even in the second hand market these cars are still very popular.

When it comes to repairing them however, if you don’t see the need for a mechanic then finding a workshop manual for these cars can be fairly tricky. While they are popular, not many aftermarket companies decide to invest in creating workshop manuals or repair manual books for Daihatsu cars.

Why this is we don’t know, but clearly, they feel the market is not there to make some money off books such as these. There is an option however, factory service manuals were always produced for these cars when new, Daihatsu themselves built these cars and also issued comprehensive repair and maintenance guides known as factory service manuals to all their dealerships when the cars were brand new.

As such, while many dealers no longer hold onto this kind of information, they did make them available in the past, and they can be tracked down at a website we have used for years which is called All Car Manuals.

The website offers free downloads of any Daihatsu workshop manual, they cover most of the popular vehicles and constantly update the website with new manuals every so often.

It is worth giving this website a try, if your Daihatsu is on there, these books can save you a lot of time and money by allowing you to do the repairs yourself. Mechanics can also download these manuals as a guide to repairing their customers cars.

The best thing is this website offers the manuals for free, unlike many other websites which often lead to unfulfilled paid orders and general waste of time.

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