What is a Hybrid Car?

There are many Australian motorists who have heard the term many times, yet are still unsure what a ‘hybrid’ car actually is. The term ’hybrid’ refers to the car’s ability to use several power sources, which means the vehicle is not reliant on a single fuel, and there are major manufacturer’s like Toyota and Honda that offer hybrid models in their showrooms.

The Energy Crisis
In the 1970’s, we first experienced an energy crisis, with fuel becoming very expensive, and this was a catalyst for engineers to put their heads together and try to find alternatives to oil as a fuel to run vehicles. The hybrid car of today, however, is much more advanced than earlier versions; just take a look at the hybrids that Canberra car dealers are offering and you can see effective systems that re-use the inertia energy that is generated, reducing the amount of fuel needed to power the car.

Effective Electric Motors

The latest generation of electric motors are skilfully combined with an oil-based fuel to give the driver two separate systems that supply power, and manufacturers such as Toyota have really made advances in using hybrid technology. Their technology allows for three very different power environments, which are:

  1. Gasoline or Diesel – This is when the vehicle is only being powered by the oil-based fuel.
  2. Electric Motor – The car runs entirely from the series of electrical batteries, which have been charged by the working engine.
  3. Combined Gasoline and Electric Motor – The vehicle uses a combination of both power sources, which is controlled by an onboard computer.

Harvesting Braking Energy

The hybrid vehicle cleverly makes good use the kinetic energy that braking or decelerating produces, which is technology that several major auto manufacturers utilise, and this makes the maximum use of the power that the moving vehicle generates. The system harvests the braking energy and stores it in the special batteries for later use.

Buying Second-Hand Hybrid Cars

This can be a very risky exercise, and you are advised to visit an approved dealership that has a selection of second-hand hybrid vehicles that are under warranty and have been thoroughly tested by the garage prior to putting the car up for sale. Toyota is the number one car maker that offers the best hybrid models and they would have a major dealership in every city in Australia, which you can find with a Google search.

Range Extender Hybrid Cars

Some hybrids focus on giving the car a greater range without having to put fuel in the car, and these are known as range-extender hybrids and they offer the person who lives in a remote location a longer range of journey. If you carry out some online research, you will find a lot of data regarding hybrid cars and how they work, which will help you to better understand how hybrid vehicles work.

The Eco-Friendly Transport

If you are an eco-friendly person, a hybrid car is an excellent choice, and while fully electric cars are being developed, there are not yet enough charging stations to make an all-electric car practical in any region of Australia.

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