3 Useful Services That Your Local Car Recycling Plant Can Offer.

We all remember our first car and we had to save up for it and we were out most weekends, giving it a wash and a hoover and trying to make it look better than it really was. A lot of us are still driving that car and we refuse to let it go. It starts every morning and gets us to where we need to go, but recently, it hasn’t been good mechanically and your mechanic reckons that it isn’t going to pass its upcoming MOT test. The time has come to let your old car go, but you need to make sure that you dispose of it sensibly and with the environment in mind.

There are businesses that do car recycling in Hinckley and they are the right people to take your old car, van or commercial vehicle to when it has come to the end of its usefulness. These businesses provide many services.

  1. They are authorised by the Environment Agency to dispose of your old car and they make sure that it is de-polluted and all the oils and other harmful liquids are removed from the vehicle and disposed of safely.
  2. For much larger projects, they will provide a suitable skip in which to deposit all your ferrous metals into. They will gladly draw it all away and pay you a handsome price for the contents.
  3. They can recycle old farm equipment, broken down scrap machinery, structural steel and steel profiles as well.

Do the responsible thing with your old, scrap car and unwanted metals and let your local scrap yard deal with them in an environmentally responsible way.









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