5 Safety Rules to Follow While Driving a Truck

We live in a scary age of modernism where most of us are able to afford a car, which means that we have more cars on the road which cause congestion and accidents. Modernism has brought with it more businesses and, consequently, more trucks are on our roads, too. Car and truck collisions happen so often but how can we avoid them?

First of all, we need to practice safety when driving. This incorporates many elements.Finding their way through expressways and winding roads, the heavy duty trucks facilitate movement of people & goods from one destination to another. However, driving such a beast is not an easy job. One needs to follow certain rules & regulations to make the travel safe. To begin with, professional truck drivers must necessarily have a commercial driving license, without which, they cannot operate any commercial vehicle. While driving a large truck, one must be extra careful, as larger the vehicle, the more destruction it might cause, in the eventuality of an accident. Further, commercial vehicles can be very hard to restrain, once the driver loses control over it. Below is a quick round-up of 5 safety rules, which one should necessarily follow while driving a truck, for avoiding some serious trouble during the journey:

1. Speed of the Vehicle

Large trucks require more time to accelerate than smaller vehicles. However, they also require more time to come to a stop, when brakes are applied. Hence, one should not drive so fast, that it becomes difficult to stop the vehicle on time. Adhering to the speed limit is always a safe option.

2. Remain Cautious at Turns and Curves

While approaching a turn or curve, it is best to slow down. If one navigates the turn at a high speed, it is likely that the wheels may leave the road surface, thereby leading to a rollover collision.

3. Maintain Enough Space Between the Truck and Other Cars

While driving a heavy commercial vehicle, one needs to ensure, that there is enough space, in the front, back, as well as both sides of the vehicle. This will help to avoid unnecessary collision with other automobiles passing by.

4. Be Extra Careful Of The Surroundings

Driving a heavy vehicle means one can inflict more damage to other vehicles traversing on the road. It is best to avoid distractions, keeping the eyesight on the road at all times.

5. Take a Break After Every Few Hours

Driving for long hours can be tiring, and this tiredness can lead to a lack of alertness and awareness. If one notices any signs of fatigue setting in, such as, yawning or heavy eyes, then one should immediately take a break. Energy drinks can give a burst of energy for a short while, but, may not help in the long run. It is recommended that one takes a 15- minute break after every 2 hours.

Of course, there are several other tips which one must follow, while heading out for a journey, in a massive vehicle. Before hitting the road, it is also essential to check whether the truck is properly maintained, and is absolutely fit to cover long distances. For replacement & spare parts, one may get in touch with a reliable auto parts dealer.

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