5 Tips When Truck Driving in Heavy Winds

Similar to driving a car or riding a motorcycle you are required to obtain a provisional driving licence in order to learn to drive a bus or LGV (Large Goods Vehicles). When applying for your provisional licence you will be required to submit a medical report also.

You’ll then need to pass a theory test, a practical driving exam and complete the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC).

Driving in high winds with a high profile vehicle can be extremely dangerous. With a trailer attached you are vulnerable to strong gusts of wind which can carry you right off the road, into another vehicle or even cause an unexperienced driver to overcorrect and see your rig end up on its side. Unfortunately there are times you need to press on regardless of weather conditions. We invite you to read and live by these tips to ensure your safe arrival regardless of whether you’re driving through clear skies and turbulent roads.

First off, it must be said that if weather conditions are severe enough to cause an extreme burst or gust of wind, a driver is ALWAYS better off pulling to the side of the road and waiting for conditions to calm. Safety comes first and the time you might save is not worth potentially destroying your load and wrecking your vehicle or trailer. If conditions are difficult but drive-able, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Have a plan. This includes potential alternative routes as well as allocating additional time as weather conditions can delay your speed significantly! Leaving a little early can allow you to keep a safer speed without the pressure of missing deadlines.
  2. Keep your speed low. A lower speed will present less counter-currents and will keep your trailer from tipping or lifting behind you. The stronger the winds, the slower you will want to be moving.
  3. Maintain your distance. In any weather condition that may complicate your driving you want to maintain additional space between you and any other vehicle. In heavy winds you may want to keep space on both sides of your vehicle as well to prevent a sudden shift from a strong gust.
  4. Watch for debris. Winds can bring all kinds of debris flying at you depending on where you are driving. Stay alert and keep your eyes open for anything on the side of the road that might leap out at you.
  5. Listen to your gut. Again, if you are having any doubts as to your ability to maneuver safely through winds take the opportunity to be safe rather than sorry. Pull over and hit the roads once conditions have calmed.

As you follow and adhere to these tips you will not only guarantee the safety of yourself, your load, but also the safety of those around you. The winds are conditions that can be out of your control but ultimately you retain control of when your Semi Truck and Trailer is or isn’t on the road. Be safe, be smart and drive on.

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